• How To Use Trust Wallet On Your PC/Mac

    How To Use Trust Wallet On Your PC/Mac

    1. Open the website (DApp) you want to use on your browser.
    2. Click on [Connect Wallet].
    3. Select “WalletConnect” on the dialog.
    4. Launch the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device and navigate to “Settings“.
    5. On the Trust Wallet settings tab, select “WalletConnect“.
    6. Next, scan the QR code generated by WalletConnect on your computer.
    7. Finally, tap on [CONNECT] to authorize the connection.


    How To Use Trust Wallet On A Desktop PC or Mac (Full Guide)

    Trust Wallet is currently a mobile-only crypto wallet and this means that there are no Trust Wallet clients for non-mobile operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


    Like with most problems in the world of crypto and consumer tech in general, there is always a fix and below are 3 methods showing how you can use Trust Wallet on your desktop computer


    Trust Wallet is one of the go-to crypto wallets for buying, trading, and storing various cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains including the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.


    The platform is used by more than 15 million crypto investors worldwide but unlike other wallets out there like Metamask, Trust Wallet is only available on mobile – Android & iOS.


    If you’re coming from a wallet or exchange that offers multiple clients across various devices – mobile, desktop, and in some cases API access – you might be asking, is there any way to use Trust Wallet on a desktop PC or Mac?


    Well in this article, you will learn just how to use Trust Wallet on PC or Mac easily. We will show you 3 methods that work fine if your want to use your wallet to access DApps like PancakeSwap and a whole lot of others.